Friday, July 15, 2011

the site visit

has been a while since the last post
short sem dah habis almost a month
yet i'm at iium still (went home for a week la dah tapinye)

took environmental engineering & engineering materials during the s.semester
i think people should learn the environmental
not the calculation part
but the basic of it
people will appreciate more if they know rite? (i do!)

so, we went for our 1st site visit (big grin)
it was fun! really.. (future engineer jakun..1st time kn pg site visit^__^)

the 1st site is water treatment plant at wangsa maju
dkt je dgn wangsa walk
this is not the place where all of our waste go
instead this is where our tap water is treated (tp this site tak provide pn utk uia..xmasuk kawasan jajahan)

the aeration tank
the floc with extra alum (ni bkn waste kotoran dlm air like tanah etc)
engineer to be :)
second site visit was to indah water
this is the place where all of our waste are being process
fortunately, tak nampaklah those unwanted waste 
sbb dah kena tapis awal2 kot?
and tak busuk pn
but then bila dia bukak the cover for the machine etc mmg agk bau lah jgk
tp not to the extend nk muntah
boleh la nak sedut few times before pening2..heh

this is the floc..rasenye bkn human kaler die mmg macam ^__^
with akak engineer :) (i don't know why my tudung is so bulat..mcm bdk tadika rase)
that's it :)
oh..i met my friend
last monday \0/
lame tak jumpe..last one mase 1st yr kt gombak kot
tp mmg agk segan lah klau jmpe dgn org yg kite dah lame tak jumpa -_-"
till then

p/s: u should appreciate the water..they need millions to treat the water
     : and sila bayar lah fees indah water.mahal la nak treat balik air.yet they don't get much untung pn.instead   kalau ikutkan xde untung lah..