Thursday, December 30, 2010


tag by my lovely roomates..cha:)
1 ) Blog best sgt ke x? sebab?
err..bese je nk merangkak
btw..tumblr is much more better:))

2 ) Layan lagu indon @ org putih?
english songs

3 ) Coklat mana lagi popular? cadbury ke ferrero? sebab suke makan?
bkn dua2 fofuler ke??byk je iklan..
but i'll prefer cadbury..sbb murah kot..haha

4 ) Nickname yg bf beri, nama manja? i have one?

5 ) Berikan 4fakta tentang kamu.
xbanyak ckp ngn org yg br knal (my mom kate don't talk to strangers:P)
sebenarnya sy xpendiam mcm yg dilihat (i talk n laugh a lot at room)
teasing people is my part time:)
i love window shopping (tu je yg mampu)

6 ) Jika ada 50 sen nak beli ape?
nk bli kasut boleyh x?

7 ) Siapakah 4 org yg paling kamu syg?
Dia yg cipta saye
mereka yang menyebabkan saye lahir kat dunia
my cool siblings
my bff,roomates,classmates,sume kwn2 saye lah:))

8 ) Tag utk 6 org yg kamu syg, blog yg kamu rase cantek!


Monday, December 27, 2010

a beautiful day

slm people!
i went to fa's wedding last saturday..
she is really beautiful with the blue dress though she looks like loosing her weight..
unfortunately, there is no picture:(
oh..but there is a camerawoman who take picture of me,my sis,fa n her husband:)
so..wait till kne tag kt facebook la br boleyh show the pic..

then my sis n I went to w.walk coz my sis wanna find a novel..
ade sale but no sad but true..lalala
then we went to the jj setiawangsa since she didn't find what she want..
it was a great day..let's look some of the pics:)

yogurt flavour..two thumbs up!

the food at splendid

i arrived at uia mse maghrib then i rushed to go to the dinner for wish committees at 8pm..
tp da knyang kn mse tu..since da byr i ate la jgk sket..smpi blik da pkul 12.50am..
i was like..what?!lme gle..pnt gle..
blik after pray:( trus pengsan^^

oh..ckp psl wish..
i would like to promote:)
in case you people wanna join the competition or u have fellas that interested to join..
just go to the web k..
link here -->
the poster below:)
my ring da patah dua..seb bek ring murah je..
klau mhl xde la patahkan:)
ring murah kesygn sy..bli sendiri ok:)
till then people~

Friday, December 24, 2010

saya & besday

this post should be publish yesterday tp sgt la bz kn smlm..xsmpt nk on..
blik pulak xde lmbt la sket:)

hello readers!
this is my fisrt post here but this is not my first blog actually:)
since i become 21st today so i create this whole new gelabah semcm je kn..haha
ade ak kesa?
so..hopefully u'll enjoy reading this junior blog of mine.. wishlist for the birthday:)
i hope someone will give me novelsss for my birthday..
new book from ramli awang murshid sounds good too..
and i enjoy books from jemari seni publisher..
can anyone gimme that?tq:)
i love u lah~

klau ade org nk blikn sy bku econs n physical chem which are each 95ringgit pn sy suke jgk..
gle mhlkn..nk pengsan sy dgr harga die..
dah2..sape nk blikn bleyh bg tau sy:D

till then akn rjinkn diri update..
just wait n read k..tq people!