Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cancer cell


if im not mistaken its the 4th week of my 3rd year \0/
fyi, i'm taking cell and molecular biology
it is FUN though i need to remember lotss of things
with all the weird & tounge twisted word that the great & mad scientists has given ^^
but they are amazing!

the lecturer talk lots about cell cancer
sgt best utk tahu
cell cancer is actually our own cell
but then they have mutate (mcm ninja turtle..he)
normal cell have special ability which is when there are lots of them
i mean when they have grown until there is no space for them to grow they will eventually die by themselves (great cell right?)
but then for the cancer cell, instead of dying they continue growing
they can grow on top of each other!

the worst thing is our antibody
they should fight the bad cells and all the pathogens
pathogens is like virus, bacteria etc..
BUT they cannot detect that cancer cells are harm
thus they will let the cancer cells grow
lots of them :(
then, they will affect other cell function since the cancer cells will squeeze other cell (bad!)

chemotraphy can heal cancer but the bad things about it is that
the drugs will attack all actively dividing cell including the hyperactive cancer cell
it is bad though since other cells will be affected
but then there is new drugs that will only attack particular cancer cells
but the price is expensive of course
it is a new drug kot?
i don't know..don't search for it yet (i don't know the name is the info that i got from my lect)

till then
p/s: let's take a good care of our amazing & hardworking cells :)