Thursday, December 29, 2011


salam peeps :)

"Ya Allah, aku memohon petunjuk daripadaMu dengan ilmuMu dan aku memohon ketentuan daripadaMu dengan kekuasaanMu dan aku memohon daripadaMu akan limpah kurniaanMu yang besar. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Berkuasa sedangkan aku tidak berkuasa dan Engkau Maha Mengetahui sedangkan aku tidak mengetahui dan Engkaulah Yang Maha Mengetahu segala perkara yang ghaib. Ya Allah, seandainya Engkau mengetahui bahawasanya urusan ini (sebutkan..) adalah baik bagiku pada agamaku, kehidupanku dan kesudahan urusanku sama ada cepat atau lambat, takdirkanlah ia bagiku dan permudahkanlah serta berkatlah bagiku padanya da seandainya Engkau mengetahui bahawa urusan ini (sebutkan..) mendatangkan keburukan bagiku pada agamaku, kehidupanku dan kesudahan urusanku sama ada cepat atau lambat, maka jauhkanlah aku daripadanya dan takdirkanlah kebaikan untukku dalam sebarang keadaan sekalipun kemudian redhailah aku dengannya".

(sebutkan urusan yang dimaksudkan di tempat yang bertitik).

listening to radio while studying
baru tahu!
patutnya (tak wajib) kita kena istikharah SETIAP HARI
everyday we confront with decision making
yup! that's why solat istikharah hari2 punnn xpee..
bukan tunggu ada spesific things jee..

p/s: jgn salahkan org lain sebab everything that happen in our life is our choice :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


4 days had past since the day i'm 22 years old
2 days to 1st paper for final exam
all the best..may He make us easy to answer the final :)
to acik also though exam ko lmbt lg..

the final schedule (not that worse compared to last sem's schedule)
29/12: ethics & fiqh for everyday life
31/12: math 5 (will be exempted from math if i pass this \0/)
4/1: bioinstrumentation & safety
6/1: transport phenomena (basically about heat kena la hebat kan..)
9/1: decision science (another economics subject..another one waiting next semester!)
13/1: cell & molecular biology

the colour is according to my preferences ^__^

15/1: friend's wedding
16-19/1: camping
19/1: meeting
20/1: going home..finally!

p/s: thanks to all that make my day on the 23rd :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

it's MUHARRAM :)

happy new year to all muslims..
its 2nd muharram now
i don't really have things to say
hopefully these two pictures describe everything :)

in study, doing good deeds,  His commandments, da'wa, everything i guess :)
p/s: may this year be a better year for every single person i know
p/ss: it is less than a month to 22nd year (just in case anyone wanna prepare the gift..he)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cancer cell


if im not mistaken its the 4th week of my 3rd year \0/
fyi, i'm taking cell and molecular biology
it is FUN though i need to remember lotss of things
with all the weird & tounge twisted word that the great & mad scientists has given ^^
but they are amazing!

the lecturer talk lots about cell cancer
sgt best utk tahu
cell cancer is actually our own cell
but then they have mutate (mcm ninja turtle..he)
normal cell have special ability which is when there are lots of them
i mean when they have grown until there is no space for them to grow they will eventually die by themselves (great cell right?)
but then for the cancer cell, instead of dying they continue growing
they can grow on top of each other!

the worst thing is our antibody
they should fight the bad cells and all the pathogens
pathogens is like virus, bacteria etc..
BUT they cannot detect that cancer cells are harm
thus they will let the cancer cells grow
lots of them :(
then, they will affect other cell function since the cancer cells will squeeze other cell (bad!)

chemotraphy can heal cancer but the bad things about it is that
the drugs will attack all actively dividing cell including the hyperactive cancer cell
it is bad though since other cells will be affected
but then there is new drugs that will only attack particular cancer cells
but the price is expensive of course
it is a new drug kot?
i don't know..don't search for it yet (i don't know the name is the info that i got from my lect)

till then
p/s: let's take a good care of our amazing & hardworking cells :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

late supper

its 8th day of syawal today
we're having a late night supper
but only the four of us
i made chocolate muffins for sofiah since she will have hari raya feast tomorrow at her school
lucky person ^^
during our time usually we brang sandwiches since it is the easiest thing for us to prepare :)
along made the easiest apple pie
got the recipe from hanis the roomate
only use bread..put some slice of apple inside and toast it in sandwich maker
it is delicious though

till then
selamat hari raya n maaf zahir batin

p/s:acik will be going to usim tomorrow and i'm going to register for 3rd year this saturday..cpt sungguh mase itu berlalu kan?*sigh*
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011




ramadhan is the month that reflect ourselves
since this month syaitan kena ikat
apa2 kita buat it's all our own choice
kalau kita rasa time ramadhan kita jadi sgt baik
maksudnya kita mmg baik la sebenarnya
maybe selama ni kita tak perasan (jgn perasan baik dah lah)
and its vice versa ^__^

“Ketahuilah bahwa dalam jasad ini ada segumpal daging, apabila segumpal daging itu baik, maka akan menjadi baik semuanya, dan apabila segumpal daging itu buruk, maka akan buruklah semuanya, ketahuilah bahwa segumpal daging itu adalah hati.” (HR. Al-Bukhari dan Muslim).

bila orang kata don't judge a book by its cover
bila menilai manusia maybe tak salah judge org by its appearance
mungkinlah tak semua yang kita andaikan tu betul
1st impression biasanya salah
tapi bila Rasulullah cakap hati affect semua
by semua maksudnya include lah appearance kita kn?
macam mana kita bergaul
cara kita membawa diri etc

"So have they not traveled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason and ears by which to hear? For indeed, it is not eyes that are blinded, but blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts." (22:46)

harapnya taklah hati kita dibutakan
bila hati buta
nak dapat ilmu susah
nak belajar susah
bila susah dapat ilmu
susah la nak dapat islam 
islam kan agama yang pentingkan ilmu
nak dekat dgn DIA pun kena ada ilmu :)

till then~

p/s: i kecik 'vs' I besar in islam word (got ISK from akak BFG last week..a great experience)