Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this is dedicated for you

have something to share
i got this from the usrah thinggy
yeah..i learn a LOT from usrah :)


it takes a ton of pressure to make a diamond :’)

the saying:
kadang2 kita tengok orang lain macam tak de masalah
tapi kita punya masalah tak terkira
asyik dapat ujian je
but then
you know what
it is one of HIS way to make us remember HIM
since HE is the One that create us
HE knows us more than we know ourselves
some people akan ingat Allah bila time susah
bila sakit, bila shortage of money etc.
but then some people akan ingat Allah lebih bila die ada masa kosong  banyak
bila dia tak de masalah
bila die tak de benda yang die nak kena serabutkan dalam kepala dia
sebab tu lah..
ada orang banyaaaakk je masalah
lepas satu, ada lagi satu datang
tapi ada orang tak de masalah pun
muka pun cool je
tp mmg lah..yang terbaik are those who remember HIM in both times.

so, anda yang mana?

just finishing the material assignment:total hip arthoplasty
p/s: can i be a doctor instead? heh

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

boosting up myself

this post is dedicated to my ownself actually
but then i think you people might having the same situation
so, i hope this will help you and of course me :)

since i'm quite lazy this week *sigh*
i'm wandering on the net
to search something to boost me up again
end up looking to this web (click the word this)

then, i'd found few articles that might help
there are sequence (have 3 parts for now)

the 1st part
the 2nd part
and the 3rd part

there are also other articles that are useful
basically, they post articles on ways to be productive muslim
so, enjoy yourself looking at their web
and reading the articles :)
btw, there are also some interesting videos

till then
have a nice day
and be productive everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2011

how to

panasnye uia hari ni
something come across my mind
selalu kadang2 pernah tak ngantuk or tersengguk time class?
rasa bnda ni common kot among students
especially the one who like to procrastinate
esok nk hanta keje mlm tu baru terhegeh2 nk siapkan +_+

so this might be useful tips kot

1. the most important thing in being a student is to have an ample sleep
but then rasenye la it is more important to have quality sleep instead
jadinya macam mana nk dpt quality sleep tu adalah kena baca doa tidur so that xde la mimpi karut2 n terkejut2
then jangan tgk PC or lappy few hours before nk tidur (someone told me this)
and of course jgn tdo tmpt pns, byk nyamuk bla bla (rasenye keselesaan setiap org tu berbeza kn? maka pandai2 la nk bg tidur tak terganggu)

2. make sure bawak air. sbb bila ngantuk ni sign of tak cukup oxygen kt otak. jadi bila minum air fluid dlm badan increase & boleh tolong darah pergi otak laju mcm naik lrt

3. bwk sweets :) tp jgn la mkn sweet mcm mkn nasi^^ berpada2 la.nnt kencing manis pulak.

4. ok..kalau puasa macam mane?err..kalau puasa mungkin boleh stretch2 kot. xpun tdo je terus :P 

5. take time utk qailulah. qailulah ni tidur kejap before zohor. usually this is useful utk elakkan ngantuk lagi2 kalau class pukul 2-3.30. but then qailulah ni supposedly orang yang bangun qiam punya time rehat. makanya, kena la rajin2 bangun qiam :brow

till then
moga bermanfaat :)

apesal la ngantuk sgt time material td..i don't even know what the lect is teaching..duh
masuk class environment pn mcm mamai2 tp x ngantuk pn =_=

Friday, June 3, 2011

cuti sekolah


piah suke buat gaya pelik2 n rosakkan pic=_=

everybody is at home except me
and they just come back home from balik kampung cum abah's meeting cum family holiday
some people might think like
"apekah balik kampung + meeting + holiday?"
mcm x synchronize je kn..?
tapi when you have not much time you will appreciate every moment you can be together with the family ;)
but then
i'm getting used to the kena tinggal whenever everyone went to somewhere
ayat sedih selalu gune:
" hmm..yela..angah je asek kena tinggal"
ni sume sbb schedule uia yg pelik2 ni (padahal sendiri punye willingness to take short sem :r )
sheesh..i missed the holiday thinggy and kmpul ramai though x ramai mane pun
holiday kt KL though live at klang
kalau bg tau org mesti org pelik coz usually foreigner je yg akan holiday kt KL
tp best bila dpt gather dgn semua since susa nk jmpe ummi n abah though on weekend :rainbow
went to the meeting td
there are 2 boys
abg die suke2 je pkul adik die dgn bad ping pong
adik die pasrah je ( i remembered the old days when along pasrah je kne sepak2 dgn adik die bile gado..heh..bile perempuan die terbalik kot?)
pastu scream here and there
and i was like
man...camni ke weh bile ade adik laki kt rumah?tp ckp dlm hati je la
and suddenly terpk la kn
kalau cm ni x nak ade anak laki boleh tak?huhu..mcm pening weh..piah yg suke gigit org kecik2 dulu tu pn xde menjerit cm ni =_=
ok, end on this

lately i think my time is limited
but then wasting time makin menjadi2
i think need to invest more (pengorbanan is an investment right?)

i've one thing to ask
it would be great if anyone can answer
' pernah tak bila pergi program kan macam tersentuh hati, macam kena cuci the effect macam bertahan for a few days..but then nothing :( '
i was wondering how to overcome this thing :c

till then
sorry mcm scattered n tak organize :ice