Wednesday, February 22, 2012

losing an engineer

AMARAN: post ni mungkin xmembina..jadi dan maka tak nak baca pun tak pe (sy cool jehh)

i was doing my jual beli works with Allah suddenly i got a sad news
my friend's father had passed away..zohor
and i knew it bila dah asar (apekah kann)
i was glad though sbb sempat ziarah ahad lepas

last sunday jumpa dia mcm ok
she told me her father is getting better compared to just after going out of hospital
tapi tu lah
nyawa tu Allah memang dah tentukan bila tarikh luput

i should contact her but then i don't..YET
she doesn't have malaysia number since she's studying at india
i have her home number though
tapi tak tahu how to react, what should i say etc kalau call

but i know she is strong
and wayy stronger than me
she was like my twin
even our parents call us that since we have quite similar face (tp tinggi xsame >.<)
and i am enjoying going to her house
sbb bila my friend is at india
rasa mcm at least dpt la kurgkn rndu mak die kt dia
mcm kelakar kan
tp honestly, that is what i feel

enough of ranting

semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orang soleh
he was a great pakcik and engineer :)