Sunday, December 16, 2012

untuk awak

It has been..2 months perhaps?
or is it more?
I lost the fact I've never pay attention to the days went by
Because somewhat
Deep down I wish that we can joke around back
Like the old times
What have I done wrong this time T_T

APG kata: Da'ie tak boleh ego
but then here I am
indulge in my big ego
am I the one that ruin this friendship *sigh*
But then from that time
you stop talking, joking, being stupid with me
I kept wondering what have I done
Till now still I'm not sure what have I done
Will you enlighten me someday later?
That one day that I wish will happen
Before your last day here (I should put this in my wishlist perhaps?)
That one day when we can smile, laugh,being stupid together again :)

Ini untuk awak
Sila abaikan grammar ok
sbb sy bkn Mr. Henry Middleton
Semoga awak baik2 di sana
dan tenang2 je undergo these 2 weeks yg hectic :)

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